About Me

Ciaran Ryan (BSc Psychology, Dip Nutritional Therapy)

I’m Ciaran Ryan, Nutrition and Health Coach.

My job is to help people who suffer with low energy or digestive complaints to get better. Having suffered with both of these illnesses myself, I understand that there is no over the counter pill that will provide lasting results. What we take to relieve our problems in the short term only makes them worse in the long term. There is only one thing that will actually heal us and that’s our own bodies, but to allow our bodies to do that we’ve got to stop doing what makes us ill in the first place and start doing that which will make us healthy.

In my mid 20’s I began suffering with digestive problems. I came back from Asia to find I’d picked up intestinal parasites. I took medication to rid myself of that but it was just the beginning of my problems. After the parasites, my symptoms continued.  I’d bloat and cramp and gas which was often embarrassing.  Stomach cramps became the norm for me. I was interested in natural medicine and found relief with peppermint oil, but it was temporary. By my late twenties I started feeling extreme fatigue as well. I craved relief from caffeine and sugar but these things would just set off my digestive problems. I become so sick at one point that pretty much any food I ate would make me ill. I had an extreme case of what’s nick named ‘leaky gut’ along with a heavy dose of adrenal fatigue and blood sugar imbalance to booth. I was utterly miserable.

At this stage the pain of my condition was seriously outweighing the pleasure of my bad habits. I sought help and support from a holistic practitioner who helped me identify which foods were causing the problems and put a plan in place for my recovery. I searched and resourced all I could on the disorders and enrolled myself in the study  of nutrition to learn how to put my body in a state it could heal from. I became absolutely fascinated by the discovery that what we were putting in our mouths was either making us sick or well and that many so called long-term chronic illnesses could be healed using nutritional therapy.

However knowing what to do wasn’t always enough. I found even though I had the book smarts, habits die hard and many of my ‘bad’ behaviours were ingrained and hard to change. I’d often yo-yo between healthy and unhealthy behaviours. I’d feel better for a while and so would go back to my old habits thinking I was fine but I hadn’t really given myself sufficient time to heal.

So what was needed was a change in my values, a new self-image and a stronger focus on my desired outcome.  So I developed my psychology and coaching skills to help me change my thinking and recondition my behaviours. I already had a BSc is Psychology so it was time to put my training to good use. The results have been a life full of energy and free from fatigue and digestive disorders. It’s these core skills that have helped me change the lives of many others with similar conditions. Through my years of studying the gut I’ve learnt how to modulate autoimmune conditions as we know now, the triggering of these conditions begins there.


If you are suffering with any of these problems, your in the right place, for I can help you too.