‘All disease begins in the gut’ – Hippocrates

Many people suffer with digestive problems these days. It can seem food is against us as we struggle to understand what’s causing our digestive discomfort. Conventional medicine offers temporary relief at best and with a host of unwanted side-effects and expensive prescriptions. The doctor can prescribe a pill to take care of symptoms but can do nothing to heal the cause. You’ll never get to the source of your digestive problems with drugs because these are only damping the symptoms not helping the body to heal itself.

70% of our immune system is located in the gut and there is a reason for this. Our gut is the first point of contact with the outside world and a place where a lot bacteria reside. Our immune system learns a lot from our gut, like what to attack and what not to attack. In an unhealthy state it gets confused and perceives simple food as dangerous while harmful bacteria run amok!

Today’s modern diet is rich in sugar, refined carbohydrates, trans-fats and toxic chemicals. This all adds to inflammation in the gut and triggers the immune system which may in turn trigger allergies or causes the immune system to attack its own cells in autoimmune disease.

I specialise in working with digestive disorders of all kinds. I commonly work with heartburn, bloating, gas, food intolerances, IBD, candida, constipation and other gut related problems, all of which are a sign of a digestive system out of balance . Often these problems will go hand in hand. If you’re in pain or having problems with your digestive tract then you’re going to want to heal this soon, as it can over time become far worse.

The only way to have long-term lasting digestive relief is through nutritional intervention. I offer online or telephone health coaching where I can help you to understand exactly what is going on in your gut, what to avoid during the healing stage and for how long, what to eat to speed up recovery and what herbs and supplements will best suit your personal needs and help you get healthy. Together we’ll create a plan that will allow your digestive system to heal and get you back in great health. With my help you’ll stay motivated, stay on track and reach a new level of wellness and comfort.

Rather than have you on symptom suppressive drugs the rest of your life, my goal is to teach you how to heal yourself so that you’re empowered to be healthy and symptom free for the rest of your life.

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