Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Still trying to figure out how to improve your health?

Chronic illness is tough. These days you can find lots of health information on the internet, but it can be difficult to find the right answers or make sense of it all. It’s time consuming to try and test different things to see what actually works for you.

Finding the ‘right’ information can be difficult in a sea of sometimes generic or contradicting advice. Some plans are complicated and overly restrictive. Trying to find what works for you can be overwhelming!

Health Coaching offers a solution. It’s the art of balancing cutting edge Nutrition and Health Science with Personal Coaching Skills to bring about optimum health. It’s a shortcut to success.

I often find that my clients have been searching on their own before they meet me. They’ve read this or that and often have an incomplete picture of what to do. It can be difficult to put all the information together or know what will work best. Health Coaching takes all the guesswork out.

All aspects of your health are interconnected.  One system will impact another. As a nutritionist my skill is in understanding how one bodily system impacts another and how to identify where something has gone wrong. For example, a toxic gut may lead to an overworked liver which may lead to a build up of hormones in the body. This in turn could be the cause of hormonal issues.

Understanding how bodily systems relate to one another allows me to get to the root of the problem. From there I can recommend dietary and lifestyle changes as well as therapeutic supplements.

This is different to standard medicine which only treats the symptoms. Without getting to the root cause, the illness can only get worse overtime. In contrast, I treat the whole person so there are no side-effects, just improved health all round.

True healing requires detective work. Each client is unique. Some issues are easy to correct, some take more time and attention. As a nutritionist and health coach I empower you to solve these problems. You get to learn what triggers your illness and what promotes wellness. As you get better you reduce your need for medications which over time can damage the body.

I have a deep understanding of chronic illness and through my consultations I get to know your state of health intimately. I help you to understand what is happening in your body and how you can improve the situation. Together we can create a personalised plan that leads you to optimum health and wellness.

Each consultation leads you step by step to a state of better health. There is a period of time between consultations where you implement what we plan and make some improvements. You’ll continue to feel better as we proceed. Usually as we work on one health concern you gain secondary benefits as well, such as increased energy and mental clarity.

My goal with each client is to guide them towards optimal health and well-being. The client should be free from pain, medications and able to live a full and active life.


The first consultation lasts 90 minutes. During this time I get to know you, your health and your habits. From here I can start coaching you towards understanding and solving your problems. We’ll set up the fist steps during the first session. Along with diet, I’ll advise you which supplements to take as well clinical tests that are of value.

I follow the functional medicine approach which aims at targeting the root cause of the problem, so that your improvements will have a permanent effect. Not only will you see results in the target area, but you’ll find your overall health will greatly improve which helps with all aspects of life.

After the initial consultation there will be follow up consultations which last 50 minutes each.  You’ll be given clear steps to follow for the next session.  Each consultation builds on the previous one moving you towards your goals.


The initial consultation costs €100 (90 minutes) and each session after that costs €80 (50 minutes)

Consultations can happen by Skype or by phone.

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‘Working with Ciaran has changed my life. I’d never thought about diet or natural medicine before going for coaching. I was actually surprised with how easy it was. Now my energy levels are better, I have clearer skin and my bowel movements have become regular. What’s more, I find it easier to concentrate and I can now get so much more done in my day. Before I’d get terrible migraines but I haven’t needed a pain killer in a while’  Joanne – Dublin