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Health is the result of your body successfully adapting the environment you’re in. Bad health is the result of the body failing to adapt. From our perspective every health condition is reversible once we can figure out the underlying causes of the problem. We can then implement supplemental, dietary and lifestyle changes that will give us the results and the state of health that we desire.

Through Skype or by phone we can guide you and create a plan based on the latest science and our clinical experience.  We’ll work with you on the biochemical level so that your body can re-balance and symptoms diminish. We’ll also coach you through making the changes that are necessary and in overcoming any obstacles that present themselves.

If we could help you to seriously improve your health and live a life with great digestion and better energy what would that be worth to you?

Check out these following ways in which you can work with us and see what suits your needs.

All our consultations are by phone or by Skype.


Free 20 Minute Virtual Consultation

You’re looking for solutions to your health problems and your looking for the right guidance to get you there. That’s why we offer a free 20 minute consultation so that we can get to know your health goals. We’ll be able to tell you if and how we can help you and set realistic exceptions and time-frames so you’ll know exactly what your getting into. We’ll even give you some free tips to get you started and help you to feel better.

So go ahead and book in for a free consultation. We’re looking forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve the wellness you deserve. Click here.

Virtual Nutritional Coaching

We offer a number of coaching packages tailored to suit you.

Here are some of the things these packages contain.

Personalized Health & Lifestyle Assessment + Food Journal Analysis
We start by getting you to complete a survey of your current health, diet and lifestyle. This is done before we meet. Then we’ll jump right into the areas that are of most importance during your first session.  This way you get the most out of your first consultation come away with a plan of action.

Primary Coaching Session (75 minutes)

During the first session you’ll be asked a series of questions on key areas of your health. Once we get the full picture we’ll explain to you what’s going on and how various systems in your body are impacting your health. Together we’ll workout the underlying causes of your condition and we’ll start to make some powerful changes to improve it. We’ll map out a clear and concise plan of actionable steps that will move you in the direction of optimal health and well-being. You’ll feel empowered and know exactly what steps to take on your health building journey.

Follow up Coaching Sessions (1 hour)

These sessions will continue on from the previous consultation.  We’ll look at how you’ve been getting on and overcome any problems that have arisen. We’ll discuss any lab results and set up some new protocols so that you can take the next step on your recovery programme.

Grocery Guidance + Meal Planning Support + Recipes
You will be fully supported in transitioning your current diet over to one that will best serve you in supporting your goals. You’ll know exactly what type of meals to prepare and what food to buy at the grocery store, so you’ll never feel confused, lost, or overwhelmed. You’ll feel supported all along the way.

Functional Testing

We don’t guess. We test. Where appropriate we use functional testing to give us a clear picture of what’s going on with your biochemistry. This allows us to set very specific protocols that will return your body to good health. All tests will be sent to your address and you can complete them in your own home, returning them to the lab by courier.

Email Support between Sessions
Questions come up. You may not be clear on something or circumstances may change. Just email us your question and we’ll have a response for you within 24 hours.

Restore Digestive Health Package €497

This is a 2 Month Virtual Coaching Package to solve your digestive complaints and restore your gut to optimal function. This is ideal for you to make your digestion symptom free which strongly impacts every other area of your life.

In this package you’ll receive:

  • Personalized Health & Lifestyle Assessment + Food Journal Analysis
  • Primary Coaching Session (75 minutes)
  • 1 Follow up Coaching Sessions (1 hour)
  • Grocery Guidance + Meal Planning Support + Recipes
  • Stool Analysis Test – Gives us an accurate picture of your digestive system 
  • Unlimited Email Support Between Sessions 

Superior Health and Wellness Package €997

This package is for anyone suffering with multiple issues beyond digestive complaints such as chronic fatigue or Irritable Bowel Disease. The goal of this package is to understand your particular circumstances and coach you into optimal wellness.

This package includes:

  • Personalized Health & Lifestyle Assessment + Food Journal Analysis
  • Initial Coaching Session
  • 4 Follow Up Coaching Sessions
  • Stool Analysis Test
  • Hair Mineral Analysis 
  • Grocery Guidance + Meal Planning Support + Recipes
  • Email Support between Sessions

Single Nutritional Consultation €150

Ideal if your looking for just one consultation or you want to add more onto an existing package.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

In order to guarantee your satisfaction I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If your not satisfied with anything in the first 30 days of starting with me, I’ll give you a full refund no questions asked. So if your expectations are not being met and it doesn’t feel like a good fit, you lose absolutely nothing. I won’t take on a client I don’t generally believe I can help and I want you to feel you have the right nutritionist right from day one.

I can highly recommend Ciaran as a nutritional consultant. He has a massive knowledge about health. He is very supportive, goal orientated and well organised. It is a pleasure working with Ciaran

Patrycja Kurczynska

Patrycja Kurczynska

Ciaran Ryan is a terrific nutritional therapist with a deep knowledge of health & wellbeing. His attention to detail is second to none. I have worked with Ciaran on many occasions and I have found his knowledge of health issues plus what to do about it using the proper nutrition to be first class. I highly recommend Ciaran for his honesty and integrity

Fintan Duggan

Fintan Duggan

What I've learned and gained from Ciaran and his consultations has been life changing. I was able to heal my gut back to normal function using the information provided by Ciaran. I now feel like a new person both physically and mentally. If you have any issues with your digestion I'd recommend working with Ciaran as your first stop

Marty Friel

Marty Friel